Stockport 061 Targa Rally on Saturday 5th May

Good afternoon all marshals,

We’ve just had a very successful stage rally at Anglesey Racing Circuit, which was magnificently supported by marshals and we are now looking to our Targa Rally on the 5th May, which needs an equally great effort from our marshalling teams.

At the moment, we are getting volunteers  contacting us but we still need more, so could you please check your diaries and if you are free and want a relaxed but enjoyable day, marshalling on our event, which from experience, will be just as exciting, (well almost), as our event last weekend, so please contact our Chief Marshal for the event, Martin Payne. If you don’t, then I can’t imagine what will happen to you.

We will have 5/6 venues, spread over maps 118 and 119, with some run twice, with each test being run by friends from other motor clubs. This will give a geographical spread that will allow you to choose the one that best suits you.

Signing on will be at the test venue, carried out by the Test Commander.

There will be an excellent goody bag, with a range of healthy options chocolate bars, crisps, sweets and a bottle of refreshing water to help you with the heat.

If you can help, please contact Martin Payne, (Chief Marshal), on 01298 814186/07774 629334 or and also tell him if you are bringing anyone with you. He will be able to advise you which is the best test for you and will allocate you to that test.

As usual, we need your help, without it, we will be very lonely and the event won’t run. Last weekend, the marshals played a pivotal role in the event’s success and was widely praised by the competitors; so let’s have the same result on the 5th May.


Ken Wilkinson
Club Chief Marshal
Stockport061 Motor Club

NB If you have already contacted us, then you don’t need to contact us again, as we already have your details